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Do your current real-estate holdings include other commercial-property types like vacant land or office, industrial or multifamily structures? Are you considering a 1031 exchange into a Net-Net-Net-leased property with no landlord responsibilities?

Our team has extensive experience across all product types. We can assist you in an property evaluation and developing market positioning strategy for office buildings, industrial complexes, multifamily apartment communities and vacant lots. We can even assist with some residential rental properties (portfolios or minimum value required).

We start by providing you with a comprehensive market analysis and an evaluation of your current property. We then use the estimated net proceeds from to match several current, on-market NNN properties to project several 1031-exchange scenarios.

These scenarios will show how a 1031 exchange can improve your cash flow, increase or add depreciation and relieve you of the multitude of management hassles that come with other property types.

If you decide to move forward, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from our experience completing hundreds of exchanges for our clients over the past 16 years.

Please contact our offices for more information.

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